What Day?

Was it today

or yesterday

Driving along

Happy for no reason

Everything clean and clear

No evil anywhere

No fear

On my way

So what

if my son

is not home

or does not answer

the phone

or the door

Happiness continues

Did you see that magpie

in the olive grove?

Clear vision

as if a pane

of frosted glass

in place

not to reveal

but to disguise

has been removed


by an unseen hand

for an unknown reason

Calm recognition

of a different

state of mind

Is this wisdom?

Pleasant though

not quite joyful

Like the day

Cloudy with spotted sun

Not yet raining

although it might

Calmly happy

for no reason

No reason at all

No reason at all

Author: Pamela Collett

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I have a B.A. from Stanford University and a M.Sc. from Cornell University. I have lived and worked in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland, California as well as in Washington, DC. Outside the United States, I lived and worked in Venezuela, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya. I currently live in Canberra, Australia. I edited three books: Bold Plum: with the Guerillas in China's War against Japan by Hsiao Li Lindsay; Peace and Milk: Scenes of Northern Somalia by James Lindsay and Fatima Jibrell; and Solo vale si piensas rápido by Mehedy Lopez, a book of poetry in Spanish. In 2016, I published a book of my poetry and drawings, Silence Spoken. I have taught communication skills, English as a second language, and English for journalists (in Beijing, China) at university and secondary school levels. I was a features writer for the Daily Journal, (Caracas, Venezuela), and The Chronicle of Higher Education. I am a member of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Writers Centre, active in a writers’ group and a contributor to poetry readings, That Poetry Thing, in Canberra, Australia.

5 thoughts on “What Day?”

  1. Very touched by this one, Pamela. This rare place of yes, of contentment, of presence – you write it so well. Thank you.


  2. Presence is the word that comes to me when I read this poem, and I’m reminded of how peaceful being present can be. I have found it interesting in recent years to raise my awareness of my own presence, to better understand how present I am over time, and how that adjusts my mood. When I’m not present, I’m either trapped in the past or tripping over future possibilities that may never even happen.


  3. Great poem, Pam! First time I’ve been added to this mailing list.

    Every so often I experience a moment of joy. Perhaps you can relate. I eagerly anticipate the next one as they are random.

    You’ve had a fascinating life! Great bio. I had no idea!

    I’m working on two cancer therapies now – hopefully something that I can leave behind for the good of those with skin and brain cancers.

    All the best in all you do! Carol

    Carol J. Buck, MIA, CEO XENNA Corporation 33 Witherspoon St., Ste. 200 Princeton, NJ 08542 cbuck@xenna.comcbuck@xenna.com, Tel 609-921-1101 800-368-6003 C 609-213-9291 http://www.xenna.comhttp://www.xenna.com [Xenna logo from website for signature]


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