Yerrabi Track, Namadgi National Park, Australian Capital Territory

Driving the road



Stopping at a space

Previously known

Stepping onto the track

Recovery of memories


Starting over

Drizzling day

Break through sun failure

Doubling down

On rain gear

No set goal

No set time

No measurements

Burned out log

Forest remnants

Damped down

No smells

No bird calls

Unseen frogs croaking

Limited colours

Walking on

Looking up

Ghost stumps

Burned black

New growth

Shooting from trunks

Shooting from soil

Defying destruction

Bushy grey green

Redefining a once forest

Walking on

Drizzled on

On and on

Up and up

Looking down

Tiny purple flowers

Thumbnail size

Could be orchids

Thoughts leap to partner

Limited by Parkinson’s

Returned to car

Unable to complete

The track

Reach the ridge

Joy of wild orchids

Thinking of him

Alone not lonely

Ridge arrival


All directions

Hills upon hills

Why Move?

Yerrabi Track

Namadgi National Park

Australian Capital Territory

Why move

Just sit


Brindabella mountains

Toothy line to sky

View through burned

Gum trees


Only one bird

Forest burnt out

What now?


Write your way


Words leaving a trace

On the rock

Comfort zone



Winter day

Let go

Say no more

View of the Brindabellas, from the Yerrabi Track, Namadgi National Park, Australian Capital Territory
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