Callum Brae Nature Reserve

Callum Brae Nature Reserve (Narrabundah Lane, Symonston, in Canberra’s Inner South) is a very special place.

Callum Brae protects Yellow Box and Blakely  Red Gum trees which are on the Extremely Endangered list as well as grassy woodland.  Many species of birds, some of which are rarely sighted such as the swift parrot and the gang gang cockatoo have been seen in Callum Brae. Callum Brae is a well known location for birdwatching.  We visit and enjoy Callum Brae Nature Reserve regularly.

Callum Brae Nature Reserve is under severe threat by a proposed large crematorium and cemetery infrastructure on the boundary of Callum Brae Nature Reserve.  This commercial development proposal is inappropriate, unnecessary and damaging to the environment.

Callum Brae Nature Reserve will be overwhelmed by the proposed huge Crematorium development on its border.

Make a submission TODAY against this development application amendment.

Deadline for comments 31 May 2022   

Make a submission website:


Or go to 

Choose Development Applications open for Public Comment.

Search SYMONSTON Development Application: 202138789

Address: 99 MUGGA LANE

Thank you.


Trees surpass people

Beautiful reliable diverse

Providing food and living space

To birds and animals

Providing shade and inspiration

To humans

Trees give long lasting comfort and acceptance

The colours, the shapes, the textures

Always inspiring

More beautiful

Than anything made by humans

More beautiful than any sculpture

Any building, any vehicle

Especially eucalypts

Their variety their shapes

their colours, their textures





Homage to Callum Brae Nature Reserve, Canberra, Australia

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